What a ride ! I don’t want to say that I enjoyed every step of it but I have so much to be grateful for…Our health, love, living a full life, and your support. 

Thanks to my agents at the Shamon Freitas Agency and my managers at Scott Carlson Entertainment for sending me out, Casting Directors for calling me in, and to all of you with whom I’ve worked on independent projects. Thank you for your trust, the fun characters you envision me playing, and for believing in me! I believe in you too!

Daren Scott Photography

This year I booked a few commercials (Grand Hyatt Hotel,  a meditation commercial, Jerome’s Furniture) and was put on avail for 24 days for an Oreo commercial… I feel twisted 😉 I got close! It will be for another time… Namaste!

I guest starred on the renowned TV series The Bold and The Beautiful, it aired in Europe so some of my family and friends who live in Switzerland got to see this episode #7595 too (it will air later on in France). It was a fantastic experience and something I had been working towards for while. It’s actually my first TV credit for a network show!

I lent my voice for an animated film called Gools for the fun character of Big Hungry One, worked on several loopings for studio movies and various voice over gigs. I really enjoy it and I seem to be getting more work in that field.

I filmed 1 feature film called the Demon Protocol and one short film called Poverty of Will. 

I was fortunate to take part of a staged reading of the play Love Loss And What I Wore.

I volunteered for 2 festivals: The Horrible Imaginings and the Coronado Island Film Festival one (acted as the Vanna White for its Celebrity Tribute Awards). 

We had a private screening of our feature film Love All You Have Left at the Museum of Photographic Arts with a full house. It was very emotional to finally share our work with our friends, family, and the film community. Thank you! Your presence meant a lot!

We attended AFM where we learned a ton and made connections. We had fun at Comic Con for which I also connected local talents to work on a show premiering there which was listed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best 25 things to see there (our local artists rock with style and patience). Of course there was also the Women’s March, the Environment March, etc.

I trained and took classes at TVi studios with Christy Dooley, Actors for Reel with D. Candis Paule CSA, and various classes at San Diego Writers Ink.

I’m currently working on a One Person show and I’m excited for our film Love All You Have Left to be screening at Chaplin’s World on January 10th 2018. If you know anyone in Switzerland who would like to attend please feel free to share this link: www.loveallyouhaveleft.com 

My husband and I turned forty. I feel lucky to have married such an amazing man, to have spent time with my family to celebrate my birthday over a hilarious pie fight, and for the amazing traveling time we had (Iceland and a road trip from San Francisco with my sister). I’m thankful that my cats of 18 and a half years stick with us and for those crazy rescue doggies who know how to reset me to mindfulness constantly! 

Happy Holiday season !

Caroline Amiguet - Kendra Truett Photography HD #1
Kendra Truett Photography

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