Thank you so much for the love to all those who came to the private screening of Love All You Have Left at the Museum of Photographic Arts. We are grateful ❤ and your constructive feedback is tremendously valuable.

Love All You Have Left
Photo Courtesy of Danielle Billings ❤

What’s next?

Please give a like to our Facebook page and leave a note if you’d like about your experience watching the film as part of the private screening and/or on the trailer’s page on youtube here. Thank you SO much for your support!

It’s about finding a strategy for our film but in the end what we care about is to share this story because it matters. There are 2 routes in my opinion:

The first route is the professional festival circuit, which would take 1-2 years creating a snowball effect (knocking on wood), hopefully resulting in great distribution. The other option is maybe less common but is trying directly for distribution and going straight to an audience. Or maybe it is possible to do both? It seems like the business model is changing as several networks are constantly looking for content.


Anne Frank’s diary is a mandatory read for 7th graders, so I was wondering if it’d be something teachers would be willing to look at or parents who want to share this story with their kids or adults among them.

There are many Anne Frank Foundations out there meant to educate and spread her message. We hope they’ll love our work as we honor the inspiration behind it.

Again we are thankful to have shared this labor of love with you and grateful for our wonderful cast & crew who discovered the film the same night as everyone there on the silver screen. The only ones who had seen it before were Steve Garbade (Composer) and Eric Brandle (Sound Designer) who worked on the final piece once it was edited.

We’ll be posting news about our journey in the festival circuit…Here is our first interview (released prior the private screening) with film critic Scott Marks from the San Diego Reader. We are very grateful for this opportunity to be featured in it!

Interview between Matt Sivertson and Film Critic Scott Marks from San Diego Reader
San Diego Reader 09/13/2017 section Movies (pages 78 and 79). “Within less than 20 seconds, and without one word, without one schmaltzy violin strain, the stage is set. And brilliantly so.”

I want to thank my cast mates for giving me so much during those 5-6 months of shooting at our house on weekends!

Sara Wolfkind (Anne Frank), you were such a well-prepared and candid actress, thank you for portraying Anne Frank with such wit, delight and care. As I previously said an angel must be proud up there. Official page here:

Mike Shantz (Jeff Forster), I’ve worked with you several times but mostly on stage and this was our first time together on film. Shantz, you have such an incredible range as an actor. Thank you for being Jeff Forster in the film. My character felt your devotion.

Mike Burnell (Nazi Soldier), what a presence in whatever role is given to you! It’s always a delight to work with you. Thank you for portraying a Nazi soldier in our film. I can’t wait for us to work on a comedy together 😉

Kathleen Sheehy (Melanie Forster), what an amazing butterfly! You are such a joy little girl and so smart! We will always remember your audition, you showed us how! You are a kid with confidence; you are quick and full of life.

And the crew for bearing with us during this wonderful and long shooting schedule (5-6 months)

William Wall (Cinematographer), you have an organic way of seeing and doing things that makes things happen in a natural way. Thank you for that and for being such a great support to my husband on his directing debut.

Kimy Wall (Producer/Casting), you have a nurturing nature that makes us all feel that things are going to be fine. Also thank you for your left brain organizing producing skills prior the shoot. We know when we would reach out to you that things would get done. You got it rolling! Official page:

Eric Brandle (Sound Designer), thank you for being an awesome sound designer and for making me feel heard!

Sarah Owings (Boom Operator), thank you for standing up and saying things out loud when a word I was saying was mispronounced when no one would say anything. I really appreciate it! You had my back! Thank you!

Alexandra Parral (Sound Recordist), thank you for being our sound recorder for half of the shoot and for taking behind the scenes photos too. If it weren’t for you starting it at the beginning and Kimy when she was on “set”, we wouldn’t have any…You are an inspiration and you are a strong lady in the industry!

Steve Garbade (Composer), your music…Resonates to my organs. It’s the invisible actor of the film and really brought it to the next level.

Kristen Fogle (Casting Assistant), thank you for always saying yes and bringing talents together.  I’m so glad I met you and George Bailey Maranto many years ago when auditioning for Mack & Mabel at C.A.T. Oh desert…! You and Lydia Real (who directed the staged reading of Love All You Have Left in 2015 as part of The Poolhouse Project), your creative partner are total doers.  I’m so glad to know you girls.

Brian Phillips (Poster Designer), thanks to you and to our common friend Manuela Mezzadri for introducing us. It’s the second time we work together on a project; the first one was Just Desserts. You just get it.

Helene Cardona (French subtitles), merci beaucoup for the French subtitles support! 4 Eyes are better than 2 ! Your knowledge of what needs to happen to make it right is so valuable and the fact that you are a poet is a tremendous addition to understanding our piece. You are something! To the French festival circuit route! Helene Cardona’s website:

Matt Sivertson (Executive Producer – Director, Writer, and Editor), my husband extraordinaire! I knew when I married you that you were amazing but every year you go beyond what I could have ever imagined our life together to be! What you pull together is incredible! Your writing is intelligent, keeps moving, and full of heart. Thank you for trusting me with the character of Juliette! I ❤ you beyond words.

Here are a few photos of the event at the Museum of Photographic Arts thanks to everyone who came out ❤


Love All You Have Left

Written, Directed, and Edited by Matt Sivertson
Executive Producer Matt Sivertson, Caroline Amiguet
Producer William Wall & Kimberly Wall.

Juliette Forster – Caroline Amiguet
Anne Frank – Sara Wolfkind
Jeff Forster – Michael Shantz
Melanie Forster – Kathleen Sheehy
Nazi Soldier – Mike Burnell


Director Matt Sivertson
Director of Photography William Wall
Camera Operator William Wall
Audio Capture Eric Brandle Alexandra Parral Sarah Owings
Audio Design and Foley Eric Brandle
Casting Kimy Wall
Casting Assistant Kristen Fogle

Original Score Composed and Arranged by
Steve Garbade

Shot on location in San Diego

A Dongo Productions Film
in association with Halo Cinematic

©2017 Dongo Productions All Rights Reserved.












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