Welcome to CaroLine Style !

Founded in 2015, CaroLine Style is meant to share the journey, love for the 7th art, travel, food and lifestyle of artist Caroline Amiguet (aka Sivertson).

Caroline is a well-rounded artist: She acts on stage, for Film/TV, is a voice over artist and a lifestyle model. If we were to describe her: We would say natural, creativity, and glamour with a French touch! In her spare time she likes to be with her brilliant man and cuddle with her pets, and anything nature related, do any type of craftwork, visit new places, listen to music etc.

In 2014 she was awarded Best Actress in the San Diego Film Awards for Just Desserts, a film that her husband and her produced which aired for about a year on shorts HD TV after premiering in the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. Her husband and her recently completed their first feature film Love All You Have Left, now available on Amazon Prime.

Often traveling around the world, Caroline shares her passion with sincerity and fun for cinema, creativity, food, style, and travel because it is just what she does.

***CaroLine Style is constantly in progress as we are either moving content, editing it or adding it. Thanks for following Caroline’s adventures and for your continued support!

More information about her profile as an actor:

Demo reel, resume and bio : www.carolineamiguet.com
Imdb page: www.imdb.me/carolineamiguet

Direct contact: caroline@carolineamiguet.com

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