Good morning l’artiste! How are you doing today?  This is pretty much how I start my morning pages…

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I don’t know if you’ve heard about this book called The Artist’s Way, a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It’s the perfect course in discovering and recovering your creative self.

For many reasons, or because we just keep going and moving to the next thing, we end up neglecting our intelligence, heart and soul. This is how I feel sometimes.

The Writer’s Ink put together a 12 week program that focuses on this book and it was time for me to be diligent about it again (I followed the course of the book by myself back in 2009). It was released many years ago and doesn’t especially consider the new technology of the day (who can? Seriously, who can keep up?!) but the bottom line stays the same.

This book is fantastic! It clears my brain and relieves my heart.  I feel like I’m honoring myself and on track to fulfill my full potential. One of the techniques it uses is writing daily pages in a journal. These will bring insights as well as actions to take, I guarantee you! Discipline is the key and I have to admit that my artist is a little bit naughty sometimes.


A lot of reference are made to God but I’d suggest for people who do prefer a different reference or analogy to call it the Universe, or why not the Force or whatever works for them.

The launch of CaroLine Style and how much more involved I want to be with FXB International as an Ambassador are a result of it as well as many artistic endeavors and collages that I’ve made at home and that are taking over my dining table. Thanks to my husband for being understanding of the creative me – ahah!

CaroLine Style’s December 2015 online edition features :




Holiday Season

Thankful for this journey and for all the new people I met through this class! Hope you’ll get to enjoy it as well. Caroline

More info:

FXB International 

The Artist’s Way by J. Cameron

The Writer’s Ink

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