I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones!

I’m grateful for many things in my life but most importantly for my husband, family, pets and friends to be safe and healthy. Safety and health are a lot to be thankful for as is being and feeling alive.


I feel lucky : To have such an amazing and growing career and to be able to share it; for the travels I do through Discover America/Visit The USA and all the amazing and kind hearted people I meet because of it; for the trips Matt and I take; for my personal growth; for my talent agents, manager, the clients, my followers, the casting directors, Theatre lovers and the filmmakers that keep giving me opportunities to audition, work with them and for their trust.

I’m honored to have become an FXB International Ambassador and I hope to represent its mission the best way I can and to help spread the voice of the forgotten.

Enjoy this special time. Peace in the world and thank YOU!


FXB International: https://fxb.org/international/


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