I’m super excited as Libby Blood (also known as the director of the beautiful short film Lucy) edited my latest 2 minute demo reel and it’s the first time I’ve kept it down to 2 minutes! Agents in this industry like to see things very quickly. Time is precious for everyone!

I was talking with Robert Dahey who is a manager as well as a photographer. Robert volunteered to tell me pretty strongly that I was missing a sort of femme fatale section in my reel.  I always love to play roles that are usually conflicted, educational or awkward/dorky so I never really felt the need to film a femme fatale and never had that opportunity to but I’m always seeking a new character to interpret.

Long story short,  I asked my father who is very creative and who loves to write fictional stories if he could come up quickly with a few lines. Tony Perri, the wonderful director of Daydream Hotel in which I’m fortunate to be cast, was very kind to film it after filming on location together on the feature Daydream Hotel. Andre Zotoff, VP & General Manager of the Hotel del Coronado was extremely generous in accepting to play the character of Bobby, my counter part. I think Andre is very natural at acting, our scene was done in about 20 minutes! I told you time is precious! I respect it and I’m very thankful for the awesome people I’m surrounded with.


I hope you’ll enjoy this new clip ! Please share the love and thank you so much for your continued support!

Dear Theatrical agents in Hollywood as well as in France, I’m looking forward to meeting with you! Oh! My contact: caroline@carolineamiguet.com


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