Our early call time got pushed by an hour as Manuela got sick so I headed with the crew to Fossil Butte National Monument while her and Liz, our production director, headed to the Urgent care to get Manuela better. She was seen by a doctor, who of course was wearing his cowboy boots. She felt much better in no time and was a trooper. Keep your hydration in check! Also, coolers in the car are not always keeping things fresh for hours (we had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner the night before).

Fossil Butte National Monument

We stopped at Fossil Butte National Monument. Such a nice stop to learn about the layers of the earth and its cycle. It calls for respect. We went on a lovely hike as well. It was windy but much fresher than the previous day. Everyone at the center was helpful and welcoming.


Downtown Afton

We then drove to Downtown Afton. Liz was very kind to drive as she knew we had a lot of driving to do over the entire road trip and as fascinating as the landscapes are it adds up and as on camera talent we need good rest or it shows. But no divas please!

We stopped and had lunch and were offered dessert by the owners of the place. My comfort food is often a salad (I clearly need my greens), a soup, and mashed potatoes. Who knows why? We then grabbed some footage. Manuela and I felt silly because we were at first horrified by the antlers arch but then we learned that they fall off naturally! When you see the beauty of the wildlife there you just feel like it’s such a treat to see them alive. It makes your eyes sparkle because everything is perfect in its natural habitat.

After a long day it was definitely welcome when we had a delicious dinner at Trapper Steakhouse. I say delicious because it clearly was!

That night we stayed at Kodiak Mountain Resort, I was lucky as I got a king size bed. it was so cozy and WONDERFUL, clean, and the bedding was soft. Grateful for great rest.

A big thank you to #ThatsWy and #BrandUSA team!

More information:

Visit Downtown Afton

Where to eat

Check place for Lunch

Trapper’s Steakhouse (dinner)

Where we stayed:

Kodiak Mountain Resort


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