2 Euros in the West Day #4

Time for kayaking! I think that’s when Manuela and I realized how incredibly lucky we were. Even if it was speed kayaking in a way as it’s work, not a vacation! It was incredible to be in Fremont Lake – Lakeside Lodge.

The mountains, the water…It felt like we were in the middle of an oasis!  That’s when our crew at the shore yelled at us to go grab the go pro that I had to hold while paddling! Ahah! I’ll definitely be back with my husband there. It was incredible!


We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Manuela treated everyone. It was yummy food. We also had a very good coffee afterwards. I love my coffee!

Mountain Man Museum

We made a stop at Mountain Man museum. The director of the Museum, Clint gave us a brief tour and we then drove towards Jackson to check in at our hotel, which happened to be under construction at the time. Manuela needed to get some water out so we went together and found a nice place to have a bite at an Italian restaurant. Manuela made sure we ordered plenty (she knows her Italian food) but didn’t eat much. I had too much food (even if considered an appetizer) and a salad. I didn’t lose weight on this trip, I can tell you that!

A big thank you to #ThatsWy and #BrandUSA team!

Met West Terra Hospitality (the building was under construction when we stayed there).


Where we ate:

Osteria – Add info








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