Hi everyone!

Here comes my new demo reel! Excited to share with you some of my work including footage (in order of appearance) from: Poverty of Will by RSVP Films directed by Rich Varville; Passed Over by Ryan Kelly; Las Brujas by Greg Durbin; Love All You Have Left by Matt Sivertson; Daydream Hotel by Tony Perri; Dead Eyes by Dan Thale directed by John Freeman; Refuge by Ryan Kelly; Reikjavik by Matt Sivertson; Angels Fallen by Thriller Films directed by Ali Zamani; The Bold and The Beautiful by CBS Studios; Love All You Have Left by Matt Sivertson; Lucy by Libby Blood; Among Thieves by Jesus Jimenez; Sign of The Dragon by Scott Leslie.

I’m grateful for everyone I get to meet through my art and for the different perspectives my job brings.

Thanks for your continued support! Caroline

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