Say it as it is and walk away in peace. Hope that people know that your intention is never to hurt them but to be honest because you value and respect them and/or their work. Also you respect yourself way too much for that. Constructive feedback is a gift. *Say it straight, simple and with a smile* Yogi Tea – Namaste!

Having each others back

Thinking about the #MeToo happening and yeah it’s about time! The road is going to be bumpy for a little while with us standing our grounds more and everyone starting to make themselves aware on when things are off, how to talk to each other and not forgetting that we are not robots (realness is important now all depends on the intentions behind everything and the actions that follow). There are great people out there too. I say something starts to happen when your ego becomes bigger than your values and/or when you get lost. It comes back to mental health too…And what we saw growing up. The way our parents respected each other, the way they interacted with anyone, what not to do, how as kids we felt and how we wanted to change the world and protect the people we loved etc. Having each others back.

I actually think that men and women have still been a mystery to each other for way too long. I think it’s simple we need to learn how to connect without feeling that if someone smiles or laughs with you it’s because you are hitting on them or vice versa. Now I’m talking about the simple regular daily interactions I’m not talking about those awful cases of predators that came up and that have been going on forever…And clearly do not show talks but only pressure. That’s an other level of distraught, abuse, and madness and it’s everywhere. Our grandmothers, mothers etc…Have gone through that #MeToo fortunately I realized that I have a voice and strength. We all do. I read on the AFM portal and on a magazine cover recently that “Female is the future”. I believe it has always been on the silent front. The world needs more mothers and great fathers who will raise respectful humans. I feel lucky to see my friends being those ones.

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