I wish you great health and a ton of joy! Let’s do this 2016! From Paris with love!

My resolutions for the new year?!

Well, for me it will be about mind, body, and soul. Actually, it will be about mind, body, beauty, and soul.


I’ve been very much concentrating on life goals and realized that even though everything I live and experience is fun, I often forget to play and especially to celebrate and enjoy my successes. I have a tendency to just move on to the next assignment. Time to adjust that! I’m sure it will also make for better performances. Last year, I had lunch with my best friend in the USA once and it was towards the end of the year. It was a major realization and I’m not proud of myself. I’m proud of my achievements though, and I know she is too. The fact is I’m not the type of person who likes to sit around for hours making pointless conversation. I have millions of ideas and what is missing from me is time and a plan to make them happen!

So this year, I choose to be mindful.



I realized that I haven’t been getting enough exercise and need to take action. I enjoy walks on the beach when I can but it’s time to hit the gym, the yoga/barre body class back and to find a dance class. I’ve never been a fan of gyms with no natural light, with body odors, and lack of space; I’d much rather go on a stroll with my dog and sprint for a bit. That being said, it became not enough and I end up carrying my cute little dog, so I signed up for a small gym and I’m mindful when there. It’s calm.  Also, I’m a big on avoiding junk food. That’s it. I feel it and hate it for my body. Farmer’s markets, organic food and fresh produce will continue to be the cure. You are what you eat! No exception!


Art and Beauty

I’ve always loved applied arts, the comfort of a home and the rituals of getting ready for a night out, a show or a performance. Also, I want to make sure I share through my blog the marvels of the world. Beauty and grace are everywhere.



Honor myself and unlock my sense of wonder.

It sounds like I’m pledging here – ahaha! I’m sure I’m not the only one in that situation, I guess it’s about making ourselves accountable for something. Good luck to you too!

As for now, I’m still enjoying the city of my birth and seeing my family for a few more days before heading back to beautiful California! I guess I’m already being mindful.

*Photography by my husband Matt Sivertson. So much fun!

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