While in Switzerland we decided to take the family to experience Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Coming from divorced parents we needed to go in 2 batches. My husband is a huge fan, so he had no problem going to see it twice more. He had seen it once in the USA and was thrilled to see if the version in French was being true to the English version.


My mother warned my husband that she couldn’t care so much about that type of movie but she wanted to please him so she coped. She admitted that not knowing about the story at all she still enjoyed Chewbacca a lot and the character of Maz Kanata. It’s a start. She also told me that it was very immersive! My father coped with us as well as he saw how excited everyone was to go see it! Especially our niece and nephew who are experts in the entire saga.  Thank God they could explain it to my father afterwards as coming from a 12 and 10 year old it is much easier to understand. Basically, it’s Star Wars for dummies – ahaha! I thank them for that!

My opinion is that I was glad to see it twice so I could understand it better as I wasn’t a fan growing up. I did like it a lot and I love that women are in power! JJ Abrams did an awesome job and I think it’s delightful to be able to go to the movie with the entire family and watch a family audience film that generates passion and conversation.

Holiday fun! May the force be with you , Caroline

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