John Polak, Kristin Naomi, Marcos Martinez, Robert Milz and I.

What a joy to be on stage on December 8th for a Staged Reading of Seminar by Theresa Rebeck for the San Diego Actors Theatre. Seminar was directed by Marcos Martinez and performed at Crivello Theatre.

Set in present day New York CitySeminar follows four young writers—Kate, Martin, Douglas, and Izzy—and their professor, Leonard. Each student has paid Leonard $5,000 for a ten-week writing seminar to be held in Kate’s Upper West Side apartment. As tensions arise and romance falls, they clash over their writing, their relations, and their futures. See wikipedia’s link about the play

I was fortunate to play the role of Izzy. Everything she says has a sexual connotation according to Leonard.


Marcos Martinez, John Polak, Kristin Naomi, Robert Milz and I met several time to rehearse for the performance.

The audience of Crivello Theatre was very receptive and we loved to share a Q&A with them after the performance to thank them. Happy anniversary (30 years – it’s a celebration!) to San Diego Actors Theatre! A huge thanks to its director Patricia Elmore Costa and to her team for their trust.

P.S: So many funny stories happened during this stage reading when I was holding my copy of the play I accidentally closed it! Huge panic without any apparent sign of course. I discreetly crossed the stage to check the page number of fellow actress Kristin (who kept moving) to finally get the page number right. It was the page 53 – I just opened it and here was my next line! For the readers who don’t know, Staged Readings are with the script. As much as we know the story we don’t know it by heart like a real play. I adore Live Theatre! We are professionals so the show will always go on – we always find our way.

Huge Thanks, Caroline

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