When I saw this in Variety magazine, I said out loud : No, you don’t. Thanks Diane von Furstenberg for such a nice and peaceful interview.


While pursuing my acting career I encounter a lot of kind hearted, creative, giving people and this is what makes pursuing what I love worth it because it’s about who you meet in the end and what you create together. Alone you are nothing. There is also a lot of competition, rudeness, and vulgarity out there that I try to avoid, or if I can’t, I prefer silence as it is golden.

I’m so thankful for my friends as they are both beautiful inside and outside. I’ve met many girls who are competitive, bitchy and wouldn’t hesitate to put you down because they think it makes them shine. Let me tell you girls the only thing that comes out of that is ugliness and it ain’t bright.

My childhood had a lot of joys, gaps and hurts. Nevertheless, I’m so glad my parents insisted, especially my mother on manners and saying please and thank you. This has taken me far, and I thank my mom for that! Being in the USA, I’ve become a little more laid back, it was something I needed. I’m so glad I have an ethic especially when it comes to interacting with others. I’m not perfect but I wish this vanity and stupidity would end.

Pushing down others doesn’t make you stand out, it just makes you low.

Stream of consciousness on a Monday. Blessing to you, Caroline

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