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I just finished an intensive workshop with the Margie Haber Studio in West Hollywood. I had the chance to be in a class surrounded by amazing souls, each of them bringing their unique selves to every script we had to perform. I learned a lot and allowed myself even more.

Be Bold – Trust Yourself – Trust The Story

Our coach was Eden Bernardy, who has been with the studio for many years and embraces Margie Haber’s views of auditioning techniques and her philosophy which is about cultivating and embracing the artist within. This recipe encourages versatility, diversity and boldness. Stop acting, live the life! This is Margie Haber’s tag.

Eden was very kind, straightforward and fun. I really like the fact that she was simply good at what she does without having an ego about it. When it came time for the last class she allowed me to ask her a few questions for my blog, which is very rare. Eden said she was willing to do it because she was very much interested in my process. I think being a writer herself, she was happy to help another. Eden sold her first movie called the Glass House many years ago, and later another called Proposition 29. Since then, she has been writing movies and coaching (her mother was already a renown coach).

I asked her what made Margie Haber’s studio so successful within the industry, but she was humble and said I’d have to ask Margie herself but that casting directors love to audition the talents who train with them and keep calling them back.

I asked her what she likes the most about coaching to which she replied: “the inception of it, it’s like gardening, you are here from the start or you revive it, you take good care of it and you see it grow to its full potential. It’s beautiful.”


The wonderful Eden Bernardy and I.

When I asked about the business side of the industry she said that it is not what Margie Haber’s studio focuses on, and that the most important thing is to focus on your art. I realize more and more that there is no magical recipe to make it in Hollywood and that everyone must find his or her own unique path.

I asked her what she’d recommend for an actress/artist like me. She was clear about my range, my options, and told me about the life cycle of an actress in the industry.

She had a frankness that is rare in Hollywood and told me that from an agent point of view they’ll often have to invest in an actor for 5 years before money comes back to them. It is always about the money in this industry but art is about art says I.

She also told me that films are being made everywhere that I should definitely explore filmmakers from my origins. I feel lucky, as France and Switzerland have been so kind in including me in many of their filmmaking events. The always – wonderful Palm Springs International Film Festival is just around the corner and I can’t wait to watch some of the movies and meet filmmakers in January.

There were so many pearls of wisdom I came away with from Margie Haber’s Intensive Workshop. It was real food for thought. I think my favorite was the motto “fight to win.” I’m looking forward to continuing in the on-going class next year.

Thanks to my awesome coach Eden and to my classmates. I hope I’ll get to work with you some day. Go get them!


Lauren Noble, Alan Phelps, Eden Bernardy, Celia Lee, Misty Byalis, Eric Curtis Johnson, Erin Neumeyer and Abhay Deol.


Crazy us!

2014 has been so generous to me, for the health of my family and mine, for being awarded Best Actress at the San Diego Film Awards, for all the hosting opportunities with Discover America/Brand USA, for giving the chance to see my dear ones and travel with my love and so much more. To finish off with the cherry on top of the Sunday, shining star on top of the tree – I’ve been cast in Zero: Dawn of The Darklighters by William Wall. It’s a beautiful sci-fi project and a dream come true!

2015 is going to be one of a kind!

Health – love – laughter – beautiful projects– fun and much more to all of you!


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