Pretty much every year in January my husband and I enjoy getting away to Palm Springs for the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The windmills on our ride there are just so relaxing to look at. We drove there for Palm Springs Speaks French event and to watch a movie. Jean-Francois Lichtenstern, our very own General Consul of Switzerland in Los Angeles was kind to invite us. It’s a real delight to see some familiar faces and to meet new ones while talking about movies.


We checked in at our 60’s style hotel with trimmed bushes that made us feel like in an Alice in wonderland labyrinth while heading to our room. The following day we took our breakfast at l’Atelier, a great French café and then got the chance to watch Unlikely Heroes by Peter Luisi. Unlikely Heroes is a movie about Asylum Seekers in Switzerland, and it’s a must watch. It says it all without judging, nevertheless it’s a revolting and unfair process. We got to meet its filmmaker and ask him a few questions. Peter Luisi studied in California and likes to say that he makes movies that he’d like to see in the movie theatre with as many laughs as possible while touching a societal subject. Mission well accomplished.


With Peter Luisi the writer and director of Unlikely Heroes.

Now that we’re back home it’s about watching the Dvds from SAG that I have received to vote on for the SAG awards. The first one of the series was Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch, and if he doesn’t get an Oscar for this one I’d be so disappointed. Simply strong and brilliant. Ah the Brits.

Hope you are doing well!

Thanks for your support, Caroline

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