The 3 days of Fashion Event organized by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (for which I’m a Public Speaker), a beautiful event where the students and their parents get to experience our University, went fabulously! I got to be with the parents who were tons of fun and very interested in what we do and the creative process. Something that strikes me here in the USA is how creativity is so well nurtured. If you are creative it is encouraged and perceived as genius. People respect originality and courage. It reminds me of Albert Einstein who said: Imagination is more important than knowledge.


As promised here is the episode of the web series Mademoiselle Emmanuelle in which I play Noemie, the French friend of Emma played by Monia Ayachi.
I also got the chance recently to watch Finding Joy, a wonderful romantic comedy by Swiss filmmaker Carlo de Rosa. It’s a really funny and refreshing film that you can watch on iTunes or On Demand on your cable network.
With Swiss Director Carlo De Rosa at the Swiss Residence in Los Angeles.
July is usually a slow time in the industry so things feel calmer although they are not. Nowadays, we have a tendency to work 24/7 especially here in America. The career I chose is more of a lifestyle than work.  It’s the perfect time to be in a play and I was recently cast in the play Boeing Boeing. It is hard to beat having my sister helping me rehearse the role of Gabrielle on the beach.
Being silly with my “poncho beach” while rehearsing Boeing Boeing with my sister on the beach.
I enjoy seeing Virginie’s perspective on all the marvels California has to offer. One of them was a surprising gift I made to her, to go for a swim with Dottie the dolphin. One thing she can now check off her bucket list. It was like she was 8 years old again when in the water with the dolphin! Loved it! We are both fascinated by the Shamu show. I even got to eat cotton candy which made me very popular with the 2 year old girl sitting next to me, holding my arm so I would give her some – it was too funny!image
Virginie and Dottie the dolphin.
I’m usually not a fan of roller coasters but Virginie loves them and has convinced me to go on a ride called the Manta…It was exactly what I needed! It reminded me of 2003 when I went skydiving shortly after moving to Southern California. I tell you life is beautiful, especially once you are touching the earth again. Although, I love the idea of believing that I can fly. A friend of mine just gave me the perfect combination of words to express how I feel. She said we have roots with wings, exactly! Thanks Alex Filliez, you are such a poet!
My sister Virginie and I on the Manta ride. A facelift for sure!
Let’s go to the mall – The shopping is on with my sister and Leeloo!
It’s Comic Con weekend in Southern California – Tons of fun guaranteed!


During Comic Con at an event with Sign of the Dragon’s director Scott Leslie and his wife Ann with of course my brilliant husband Matt.


Bisous from sunny California! Caroline

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