Ready to take off with Boeing Boeing by Marc Camolettiimage

With the General Consul of Switzerland in Los Angeles, Bruno Ryff. “Bruno Ryff” the coolest name!


Heading to the Swiss Residence with my Swiss balloon and my red/white outfit!

We just celebrated the 1st of August at the Swiss Residence in Los Angeles with the General Consul of Switzerland, Bruno Ryff. It felt so good to be surrounded by my fellow Swiss to celebrate Switzerland’s 722nd birthday. The General Consul, Bruno Ryff, The Consul Adjoint Christophe Vauthey, and their team were put on an amazing event as always. They even had Schubligs!

The big excitement for me now is to be at rehearsal for the play Boeing Boeing ( by Marc Camoletti! I am having a little trouble sleeping as the character of Gabrielle keeps sinking into me. Let me introduce you to her: Gabrielle is a French Air Hostess who was terribly lonely before she met the love of her life Bernard at the Orly Airport. She’s been engaged to Bernard for…ages! She can’t wait to settle down and be the perfect Madame and run the perfect household. She worries about Bernard being lonely while she is at work across the world and wonders why Bernard takes so long to marry her. Maybe he is ashamed of her or he just wants to be the perfect husband. The reality is far different than she could imagine!


Boeing Boeing tickets are available at Thanks for your support always!

I feel very lucky to have been cast in this role, especially since it is my first play. Earlier this year I performed in a musical called Mack & Mabel (, also directed by George Bailey Maranto and Kristen FOgle, but that was singing and dancing and now I have to cram all these lines into my head. I am living a dream! Acting on stage in America in a French play by a French/Swiss playwright in the English adaptation, it’s like it was meant for me!

The cast is a lot of fun, and we’ve been having a great time getting together for rehearsal. Every time someone seems to bring something fresh and unique. Not only is this play providing memorable moments but it is wonderful making new friends in the theater world.


With all the cast members at rehearsal for Boeing Boeing. From the left to the right: Karina Gerschler (a.k.a Giovanna), Robert Nixon (a.k.a Rob), Beth Gallagher (a.k.a Gloria Hawkins), Elizabeth Greene (a.k.a Berthe), Joel Berti (a.k.a Bernard) and I (a.k.a Gabrielle).imageWith Robert Nixon, also known as Robert in Boeing Boeing. Being silly backstage.

Oh, my two favorite lines of Gabrielle: “The more people tell me do something the less I want to do it. That’s how I am, it’s my nature!”

“There! He said the word! Love! We ought to be proud of it. Tell everybody about it, tell the whole world!”

Bisous, Caroline

P.S: And I am now back to blond! 

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