2 Euros in the West Day #11

Dubois…Only the name seems French. It was definitely the most western place we stopped at. I went to bed at 7pm that night with my husband on the phone. So glad we had a great early dinner where we were filming at cafe Nostalgia.

A moment that made me smile was when I walked by myself along the little stores there and someone was playing the piano. Another funny moment was to meet with my friend Manuela on the hotel balcony to get the car keys while both in our pyjamas with a towel wrapped on our heads and in flip flops! It was hilarious!

A big thank you to #ThatsWy and #BrandUSA team!

More information


Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center

Where to shop

Shotgun Paul Leather store

Where to eat:

Cowboy Cafe

Cafe Nostalgia

Where we stayed:


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