2 Euros in the West Day #8

That was definitely our cowgirl immersion! I’m talking about Old Trail Town. The only thing that reminded me that we weren’t from that time was the fact that we arrived with giant SUVs. We met tourists from Italy and Manuela talked to them and about the program we were representing. They took photos with us. Italians are everywhere, Manuela kept saying! We then headed to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. A pretty big museum.

First Rodeo

We had lunch at Annie and rested for a bit back at the hotel before heading to…A rodeo! Yes, that evening we were invited to see a rodeo. It was our first one. It’s a very patriotic gathering. In fact, when they sang the national anthem and the sun was setting Manuela and I both felt teary. I became an American citizen in 2013. I recalled what makes this country great to me. Definitely the diversity and the vast landscapes. I discovered myself here and I found who I was, figured out my life and learned a ton while doing it (still am ahah), my passion for acting, and my love. I’m not pursuing my dreams I’m living them. I’m grateful. The people I’ve met over the years through my work and in the USA in general have been kind and happy that I’m here. It comes with a price though and that is having my family in Europe and not seeing them enough but I think they are happy for me and I get to visit amazing places when I go back to Switzerland and France. I feel lucky. As for the rodeo, I really enjoyed the barrels, though not so much the lassoing part…I don’t find it fair. The calves are just too cute and I don’t see the point nowadays. I don’t mean to be disrespectful of course because I know how people get attached to what they’ve been doing for so long especially when it’s part of their culture and that’s the culture of the West.

A big thank you to #ThatsWy and #BrandUSA team!

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Old Trail Town

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

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Cody Holiday Inn

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