2 Euros in the West Day#7

It was an early call time again from Cody to Yellowstone National Park. This morning our meeting is with the Old Faithful. I’m so excited! I saw geysers in Iceland but I wanted to meet the Old Faithful.

I got way too excited as at some point I wrongly thought it was about to erupt and the crowd who was there was not too happy as everyone got excited for nothing. Generally, that’s when I start to speak French! Ahah! Eventually it was time for it to spring.


Our Ranger Randy was very helpful and respectful. We had lunch at the visitor center. There’s quite a nice selection of food. I bought a T-Shirt at the souvenir store for my hubby and then we were back on the road again towards Cody as we were filming at the Hotel Irma. Manuela kept cracking up that day and I was so tired that I thought she was mocking me again…I took some time for myself after lunch. Not too much because it’s go go go but afterwards I was happy to meet a couple of French people there who were road tripping as well. Somehow it felt good to see my culture and exchanged a few words with them. We saw a lot of Italians as well.


Cody is absolutely a cowboy town so we were asked to costume as cowgirls! It was a lot of fun but I felt like I was completely reinventing the cowgirl look, more like the cartoon Lucky Luke! Skinny high waist jeans and very pointy boots…Manuela kept laughing, saying that I was bringing a whole new look to town! It ain’t easy to walk with pointy shoes like that. Those were mine but I hadn’t worn them for years!!! SoCal is more about sandals!

A big thank you to #ThatsWy and #BrandUSA team!

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