I’m fortunate to be co-producing a beautiful project called Beat My Heart. It’s Daniel Guerrier’s latest feature film. We are looking to fill in a few characters. Please send your ~300kb headshot and resume with a link to your reel to Please make sure you state the role you are applying for too. Filming in San Diego.

Absolutely NO messaging through facebook to the filmmakers.

Thank you and break a leg!

Title: Beat My Heart
Audition and Filming Dates: TBA
Location: San Diego, CA
Submission deadline: 3/25/19

Story line: Iris, a writer with writer’s block, searches for inspiration to write a story about her late father by reuniting with her estranged niece.

[IRIS – ALREADY CAST] Starring – Late 30’s. Tall, sexy but not aware of it. She is a writer, and an eternal dreamer. She doesn’t like to get attached and wouldn’t know how. She lost her father when she was 12 and moved to France to live with her mother, leaving her older brother back in the USA.

[SCARLET – ALREADY CAST] STARRING – 10 to 12 years old, female. Daughter of Philippe. Neglected by her father, she is strong minded, scared of nothing, and courageous. She won’t admit it but she misses her father, who clearly doesn’t know how to raise her since his wife passed away.

Still looking for:
CO-STARRING – Early to mid 40’s, male. MUST SPEAK FRENCH preferably without accent. Iris’s older brother and a car salesman. He loves baseball since a very young age. Philippe was never close to his father. His father didn’t understand sports and Philippe didn’t understand art. They had no conversation whatsoever which made them grow apart. Philippe grew up without his parents, choosing to go to boarding school instead of moving with Iris to France to be with their mother who abandoned them when he as 10. Philippe never forgave her for that.

SUPPORTING – 10 to 12 years old, Caucasian male. Can speak French. Young Philippe.

[ TITO ]
SUPPORTING – Recognizable face preferred. 40 to 45 years old, Tall, Good looking, Black /African American male. A divorced and tidy Jazz musician. A responsible father. Tito has two sons, one is 12 year old and the other left for college. Tito shares the guardianship of his youngest son Damian with his ex-wife. Tito is passionate about Jazz.

SUPPORTING – 10 to 12 years old, African American. Big hair preferred. Son of Tito. A gentleman at heart. Loves school and to live with his parents and having his brother out of the house to College so he doesn’t fart on his face.

[ MATT ]
FEATURED – Recognizable face preferred. 55 to 60 years old, male. Car Salesman

FEATURED – 25 to 38 years old, Well built. 2 of them need to be in their mid-twenties.

Beat My Heart:

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