I feel confident for upcoming generations with the “I take no crap” powers that are rising. 100 women elected!

Elected women

Even though, I had 2 auditions this week and 1 scheduled next Monday I believe that things are pretty much going to slow down until Pilot Season. Hopefully it will pick up then so I figured it’s a good time to reflect…Especially, with what’s been going on in the world and in the USA. May I say that my thoughts go to all the families, communities, and to the wildlife affected by the wildfires in California. I send everyone strength and courage during this difficult time.


I have so much to be grateful for: First our health! My AMAZING husband, family, friends, and pets! I feel fortunate to have the support of cinema and theatre lovers in my career, casting directors, producers, and for my professional team!

Early this year, we shared our film Love All You Have Left at Chaplin’s World in Switzerland then with a full house also at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival (Teen screening only), as well as at the San Diego Film Week. Love All You Have Left had a theatrical release at the Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood. Thanks to everyone who has come to watch it and to support us. Our film won Best Feature at the San Diego Film Awards 2018! And is now available on Amazon Prime and iTunes. It has been sold to the Chinese market during Cannes Marché du Film through our distributor Indie Rights. Thanks to everyone who has left us a review on Amazon Prime. It helps so much! An algorithm thing…

Full Range Actress

This year, I shot a few Lifestyle commercials, a Road Trip in South Carolina and one in Wyoming with Visit The USA.

I’ve been fortunate to do ADR and voice over recordings. I can’t wait for an animated film called The Gools to come out!  2018 is definitely the year I decided to concentrate on creating high quality voice over demos, thus getting coached for it so I can dig into this market which is so much fun!

I auditioned both for films and commercials. Often getting great feedback and callbacks. I hope I’ll book that recurring role on a soap/series and International commercial, those are my goals!

I signed up with Pinnacle Talent Agency in L.A. for both TV/Film & Commercial departments. I really like my new agents Joan Messinger and Tony Ferrar there. Joan Messinger is extremely kind and interested in her clients. It’s extremely promising. Thanks to Brooke Byler Studios for referring me. You are a gem!

Shamon Freitas Agency in San Diego has been extremely kind with me with direct bookings and I adore them! My agents there: Carol Shamon Freitas, Caroline and Katie are rocking that boat!

I shot a pilot for a series called Heart Burn by the creative Christina Corcoran which is currently running in the festival circuit. It’s a romantic comedy and I portray a group leader. Such a fun time shooting it! I also met a very talented filmmaker Daniel Guerrier who knows how to combine art and storytelling. We shot a powerful short film called Marie. I’m excited and feel fortunate to work with Daniel on his upcoming project.

Coronado Island Film Festival asked if I wanted to volunteer again this year and I said: Absolutely! This is such a well run festival with a very beautiful selection of films and panels. I was a Wrangler this year for its Celebrity Tribute taking place in the Crown Room at the legendary Hotel Del Coronado. I got to have dinner with Chris Lemmon’s family, timed the film critic Leonard Maltin’s interviews (when he was looking – lol) and escorted the awardees. Such a magical time!

I’m excited to be back with Clairemont Act One in their upcoming production “Please Pass The Gravy”. I’m happy because I get to perform a quite festive character from “Old Aquatics” by playwright Steven Korbar. It has been fun rehearsing my lines.

As for training, I did a lot of research for Lotus, the character I was fortunate to portray in the pilot series of Heart Burn; I was coached by Marc Graue (my manager at Scott Carlson Entertainment highly recommended him) for my voice over demos, I recently took part of a “33 Day Journey” coached by Jo Kelly from To Be or Not To Act who has helped me tremendously to reset my instrument. This is now an ongoing.

What’s Next?

I have so many projects that I need to finish editing…Everything is a career, takes time, and discipline! I also started “Caroline Amiguet Daily Skit or Not” to showcase and share more candidly who I am in preparation of my One Woman Show that I’m still writing… I’d love for my nieces and nephew to watch what I do and they are all on Youtube so hopefully they’ll subscribe to my channel! Lol!

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