Time to pack…What does one take on a #roadtrip for work that involves traveling throughout Wyoming for 3 weeks?… A bit of EVERYTHING, thus 2 super heavy luggages! I was super stoked to be hired for this job and excited to leave knowing some of the activities that awaited my friend Manuela and I. For me traveling to different states (despite the fact that it’s still the USA) it is like Anthony Bourdain said, it’s like traveling to a different country! In Europe it would be. It’s like opening different portals. The USA is so vast and a melting pot of cultures and that’s what makes it to me the most interesting: We The People!

I was particularly looking forward to seeing the wildlife because, living now in San Diego, I’m fortunate to see and hear a bunch of parrots in the summer, otters, and dolphins occasionally. But when it comes to seeing nature on the land I take advantage of my membership to go to the Safari park, which is absolutely magnificent or I flip through the Safari photos of our honeymoon in Africa (Tanzania). Wildlife is so majestic!

Travel Day

I packed all night, and then cuddled my pets and my husband as much as I could. Matt dropped me at the airport where I met my long time friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time even if we live like 15 minutes apart.  Life gets busy, especially when you are pursuing a creative career!

Manuela and I met many years ago through an incredible mutual friend, Sandra. We’ve all worked together before. Manuela has a huge heart and has done a lot of volunteer work benefiting injured Marines and their families. She is Italian-American, loves country music, her 6’6″ tall hubby, food, and cats! Manuela often gets the biggest laughs and has the most shocking lines but I guess they have to come together.

So here we are eating a muffin that Manuela got for us at the airport waiting for our Delta flight to embark, debating whether we are going to hate each other after this trip or not…Uh Oh! We crack up!

We landed in Salt Lake City, met with our crew, with whom I hadn’t worked before but for the fabulous Liz who’d stay with us only for a few days. We discovered our new car a BIG Chevy Tahoe that we called the BEAST. You have to know that I drive a small car (European style) a Scion XA from 2005 in SoCal. Freedom (her name) has about 200,000 miles and is tiny so anything is huge to me but the BEAST was huge! So we get our big luggages in Tetris style and start driving. We decided to stop before heading towards Evanston so we could get a good lunch, some snacks at Target, and a cooler to keep everything fresh on the road.

We had lunch in downtown Salt Lake City. Delicious pizzas and wrapped dates with bacon that we all shared and I had a delicious green salad too. I need my greens!

To be continued! Merci beaucoup ! Caroline 😀

Salt Lake City

Settebello Pizzeria Restaurante: http://settebello.net/Locations-Salt-Lake-City.php

Wyoming  #thatsWy

Visit Wyoming:  http://www.wyo.gov/


Visit Evanston: https://www.evanstonwy.org/

Holiday Inn Evanston, Wy: https://www.reservations.com/hotel/holiday-inn-express-evanston?rmcid=rcc15&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_7HdBRDPARIsAN_ltcKA1MM_vAxENvTkUQvrjg-rry5ECR_evCVTAwEsz3hUT1RqTFX4icwaAp9mEALw_wcB


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