So many of you have asked me about my summer road trip in the state of Wyoming (#thatswy) and because I always like to bring value to what I do I felt compelled to put together a little journal about the 47 locations we saw and the 3550 miles driven across this vast and seemingly infinite cowboy state.

2 Euros in Wyoming

For those who don’t know, over the summer, my friend Manuela Mezzadri who is Italian-American (@lamanumangia) and I, Franco-Swiss-American (@carolinestyle /@carolineamiguet) were fortunate to be hired for a 3 week road trip with Visit The USA/Brand USA for the beautiful state of Wyoming #thatswy.  The landscapes were incredible and the wildlife outstanding to look at. It was truly a pure fuel for the soul. It felt like traveling through a painting of Old America.

Now this is my candid behind the scenes just for the fun of it so please do not judge the quality of them. Thankful for being allowed to share the love with my photos and snippet videos here.

And GRATEFUL to be a talent with #VisitTheUSA since 2014. I give it a 50 stars!

2 Euros in the West – Coming soon!


*The mega talented #Pink is just for this teaser, if you’ve ever been with people whose mother tongue is different than English in a car singing, you’ll totally get it! And it was too funny not to share 😀 #storytelling

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