When I go for a walk on the beach, it always ends up being a zig zag between me picking up rubbish on the sand, the water and putting it in a trash can. I feel strongly about caring and protecting our environnement so instead of complaining I decide to act on it as much as I can. 

Gathering at The Beach

Some actors and filmmakers decided to meet on a Saturday morning at the beach with trash bags and gloves after My Power of One sent an invite on social media to start an act of kindness by cleaning the beach. It was not only useful but also fun to see everyone and be outdoor with our sleepy face (talking about me here) and feeling the ocean breeze while caring for our planet. My trash bag had a lot of cigarette butts, plastic, and I even found 2 batteries… More gathering will happen along the coast. So stay tuned if you want to join My Power of One 12 acts of kindness.

My Power Of One

I met Sue Vicory, the brain behind My Power of One through the San Diego Film Awards 2015. Although I knew she was a strong and efficient woman I never got the chance to really take a close look into what she does. I started opening my eyes to what she is behind as I saw that she was launching a line of inspirational T-Shirts and apparel of high end quality. I decided to order one T for my husband that says Empower and my husband always gets a compliment out of it. I was waiting for the right shirt to come up for me as I kept seeing the launch of Believe, Hope, Be The Miracle, Love etc… 

Sue Vicory’s production company, Heartland Films, Inc. is a 501(c)3. Their My Power of One ’12 acts of kindness’ national tour is sponsored by Heartland. They are filming the journey and making a feature documentary film called Heartbeat. My Power of One brand just got spun out as an LLC in January. It is a for profit brand with a give back to organizations through partnerships. Each of their shirts/words will be associated one of these partnerships.  As you can see Sue seems to care about cause marketing. She actually partnered with the Film Consortium in San Diego on a new line called Create for which she gives 20% of each sale. 


My Power Of One isn’t attached to any religious group. 

Get your T-Shirt! It’s a wonderful give back shopping experience!

More details:


Be in the know and join the group:


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