I grew up in the Swiss Riviera where there are thousands of jewels to discover. The breathtaking landscapes, cruises on the lake of Geneva (we actually call it Lac Léman), the hikes in the forests or in the mountains. There are so many outdoor activities but also a lot of cultural interests for the entire family.


My parents moved from Paris to the small village of Corsier-sur-Vevey where actually Charlie Chaplin’s family had also relocated many years ago from the United States to a mansion called: Le Manoir de Ban. As I grew older we moved away from the village; my parents separated and I eventually moved back living near the mansion a decade later. I remember in the morning while going to high school on my moped (my stepdad had repainted it dark green by hand as to hide that the bike was actually more than 20years old and to give it a “new” look –  It made me happy) seeing a peacock in front of the Chaplin mansion crossing the road, sometimes if I were lucky it would open its fan. Smile.

Charlie Chaplin and I on the boardwalk in Vevey. Matt Sivertson Photography

Opening of Charlie Chaplin’s Museum 

I’m excited as the Charlie Chaplin Museum will be opening its doors in the Spring 2016. I’m thrilled for the Swiss Riviera and for the pure inspiration it will bring to its people young and old, as well as the awareness it will bring again to classic films. Maybe it will start new cinematic, acting, and creative programs at schools, create new jobs, increase tourism, run a film festival, bring more fun and life !

Matt Sivertson Photography
Photo of Charlie Chaplin and I by the lake in Vevey. In the background you can see the Dents du midi – Come on Charlie let’s go!

Link to the Charlie Chaplin museum: http://www.chaplinmuseum.com/en/

Blog available in French here: http://www.illustre.ch/les-blogs/le-journal-de-caroline/de-petite-vagabonde-citoyenne-du-monde

Merci beaucoup! Caroline

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