Anton Fresco Photography at Bryce Canyon National Park – The Mighty 5.

*Interview by Rene Abelar for a final essay for his English Advanced class at the Art Institute.

Tell me about yourself. Age? Where are you from? When did you first get in to this field?

My name is Caroline Amiguet (aka Sivertson), today I feel like I’m 28. I was born in the amazing city of Paris, grew up in the breathtaking French part of Switzerland and now live in sunny and fun California. I’m French, Swiss and American. My age range goes from mid/late-twenties to mid-thirties, I can even go for older when jet lagged or tired, I guess everyone can. I started modeling when I was a toddler in Paris since my dad is a photographer.  I was a very chubby and easily photographed baby. I even got to do the cover of Parents magazine.

Describe the ideal work environment for you.

The ideal work environment for me is an open environment in which I can trust the vision of the photographer and team. The best teams are when everyone is respectful and positive.

I love shoots focusing on outdoors, lifestyle or conceptual with great designs. It’s always nice when the fabrics are something unexpected and it tells a story. It can be about a theme, wearing a couture dress in the middle of a national park in the USA or somewhere in the world, wearing unique jewelry pieces, neat makeup or au naturel or capturing an emotion in India or Africa to playing with natural elements.  Creativity, fun and beauty are the key words.

Do you think women in the media are only portrayed as Sex Icons?

I don’t think they are only portrayed as sex icons but I do believe that we push that angle too easily.  Sensuality, grace, elegance and fun are appealing but vulgar never is. There’s a line. Also, when you are pictured only as flesh it’s hard to let your true value come across. I believe it will affect the model that was pushed to promote that angle only because the day you are not that anymore you need to redefine yourself and really find your essence.


Anton Fresco Photography – Bryce Canyon National Park – The Mighty 5.

Do you think companies use models as a resource to sell more products?

Of course they do because they know that people like to escape reality and identify themselves with icons, good-looking people or a vibe. It’s no different than when they use a song in a commercial to sell a product, but it’s important to always look at yourself in the mirror and to make sure that what you see is you and not a replica of someone else. We all have something very special that we need to cultivate. Generalities are so boring. Honoring who you are is bold and pure art! And it’s so attractive, there is a grace attached to it.

As a model, is there much respect for women in this type of industry?

I think that respect comes from self-respect. If you are not being respected then you might need to change the way you put yourself out there, because it’s simply not acceptable. But I don’t think that is limited to models or even this industry.  In whatever field you’re in I think it’s very important to insist on integrity.

I wrote a blog not long ago kind of along these lines after Diane Von Furstenberg said on Variety “I don’t think you need to be a bitch to succeed”. Here is the link :

There’s definitely a competition or a jealousy among women, it’s sad. I’d rather not waste my time with it. I think men tend to succeed better with camaraderie compared to women. That being said I feel extremely fortunate with the great people, men and women, that I’ve met in my life who know how to leave ego and vanity away from their lives. I read a poem not long ago that said, people are either here for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime. I think it’s pretty true.

Please explain to me your opinion on what your experience with modeling?

I think it’s super fun to help create, share and present the vision of designers and artists.  I started at a very young age with great opportunities along my path. I never really pictured myself as a runway model but more like a lifestyle model; I would even say more like an artist.

I believe that’s the reason why I’m an actress, model and travel host/writer now. I believe in variety and freedom of expression and don’t want to limit myself. I belong to the wild flowers and love to smell like the roses!

Thank you so much for this great opportunity Rene and break a leg with your essay!


Twitter: carolineamiguet


On the cover of Parents magazine. The years damaged the quality of the hard copy so it had to be reframed – ahaha.

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