No, no, no, and no!

Paris, city of lights, city of my birth, I’m mourning with you.

These cruel and barbarous acts have to stop. The killings at Charlie Hebdo Magazine Headquarters is carnage. A horrifying act. No God wishes such thing in any religion.

I keep listening to NPR, and trying to make sense of the situation while translating into French the essentials of the news to my French mother who is visiting from Switzerland.

I contacted one of my sisters who lives in Paris to make sure that she and her kids were alright. She told me that she had been scared for her children as they were walking back home after school and the masked killers were spotted near the area.

The world is worrying me. Many people fought and died for the right to freedom of speech and it seems that fight is not yet over.

One of the 4 cartoonists that was killed out of the 12 people at Charlie Hebdo Magazine was a part of my childhood as part of a TV show on the French channel France 2, the equivalent of American Band Stand for an older generation here, I’d say.


On the show,  Cabu was drawing caricatures of the characters. Being a little girl it taught me how humor mixed with drawing can be quite funny and illuminating way to approach things.

My support goes to the family, friends and colleagues of those 12 courageous cartoonists who lost their lives.

Let’s fight this war against these extremists among all religions together, let’s cultivate freedom of speech, freedom of religion, beauty when it brings together and encourages love, dialog, conversation, when it opens to respect, tolerance and not when it brings hatred.

Off to the march!


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