I recently finished a run in the play Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti. What an experience! I hadn’t felt that “alive” for a long time. Everything seems fast, fun and easy and it’s as though passion is flowing out of me. One of the amazing things about theater is you are surrounded by people you don’t know but they seem so close to you. We relate at a different level, in a very essential way.


The Ocean Beach Playhouse owned by Paul and Lynn Bolton.

Theater is very different for me than film and a big part of it is the time involved. This was 6 weeks of unconditional love for the art and time spent with my character. It’s an experience that takes you out of yourself and allows you to learn about yourself at the same time. I am so thankful to George Bailey Maranto, Kristen Fogle and Lydia Real to have cast me in this play. It was my first large theater role and I now definitely belong to the cult!

Watch a short video of Boeing Boeing directed by George Bailey at the Ocean Beach Playhouse


Cast: Elizabeth Greene, Joel Berti, Rob Nixon, Beth Gallagher, Karina Gerschler and myself.


Photo backstage of our awesome cast!

I am now looking to audition for theater more. This whole experience gave me the energy that I needed to bring back to film as well. Sometimes things happen in life that take you away from that passion, that light inside of you that makes you shine, that says “I love you” – “You are loved.” It has to come from within.

Now that Boeing Boeing is finished I’ve begun taking an acting workshop with April Hong. This class places emphasis on improvisation and scene study, and I’m getting a lot out of it. It was an honor to have been coached by James Hong himself as part of the Hong Acting Workshop. I’ve also recently filmed a couple of concept trailers and will be auditioning for another play shortly.


At The Hong Acting Workshop with April and James Hong

Big bisous! Caroline

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