Andreas Branch #1

There are so many elements in this photo that I love. See the angel in the back? It’s like it decided to show up for this photo!

Following the Oscars in January 2013, I was fortunate to go with the photographer Karen Bystedt to an after party hosted by the renowned photographer Patrick McMullan in Hollywood. Karen is an extremely talented photographer known for her photo series on Andy Warhol. See her website here:

I met very interesting and talented photographers there and the atmosphere was light and charming as everyone’s drive was art and cinema! And after all it was wrapping up a busy Oscars week!

I met Patrick McMullan and one of his correspondents; Andreas Branch who showed an interest in photographing me. I said : With pleasure!

I’m thankful for those great opportunities I run into as it builds the diary of my career as an actress and captures the evolution of my life as we go.

DSC_0784 DSC_0748

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