On August 8th 2018, we said goodbye to our Jicky (aka Jickilicious, Jicky Dior, Jijou, Jitsu, Jinette) kiddo.


Jicky left us on International Cat Day (we didn’t expect less from her) surrounded by Matt and I in her favorite spot in our garden (her siblings came to say goodbye as she had left us). It was hard but beautiful and we are immensely grateful to have been able to be with her for her farewell and to have had her for almost half my life as my in laws kindly told me. She is already beyond missed but she will be remembered forever in our hearts. Rest in peace angel, you deserve it. We love you so much. 


04/21/1999 – 08/08/2018

Jijou had been with me for almost 19 and a half years. Matt and her adopted each other like it was obvious that we were all meant to be together while putting him through a little trial at first (she bombed him from a shelf while we were sleeping one morning). He had the sweetest reaction about it (I wasn’t happy at all) and since then they had a deal. He is amazing, I agree with you Jijou. I’m grateful that we were given the responsibility to care for her life and for the love and attitude we got from her over the years. She’s been a teacher. I got her in Switzerland and from the first day I visited her and her sister in a town called Villeneuve (New Town) she wouldn’t let go of my sweater so instead of one cat – 2 were brought home! She had a pink nose and a grey jacket over her white coat that couldn’t close at some point in her life as she really loved eating. She has the loudest meow possible and the funniest one too.


We were getting ready for her to let go and to cross the rainbow while riding on a beam of sunlight on a motorcycle with a side car attached to it wearing an aviator helmet of course. That’s how we’ve always pictured her. We’ve lived so much together and I thank her for moving to another country with me and her sister and for putting up with me at times as I was learning to grow up to become the person I am today. I’ll join you some day kiddo. Say to my family up there that I love them. I know they’ll welcome you. I love you. I smile because we happened. Forever my heart. 


It’s a moment of gratitude – thank you.




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