It’s happening…I’m about to turn 40 – holy crap…I’ve definitely been going through a life transition for the past year… I’m not talking about the recent medical exam that showed that I shrunk an inch and gained 8 pounds (damn technician who even dared to ask if I was fasting!). I’m talking about feeling differently. It’s like I’m reliving/relieving the decades not only in my head but feeling it through my flesh, my body, and my heart/soul. I’m also more confident, or at least I stopped caring so much about things that don’t matter.

Marlene Dietrich Theme shoot

Life is so interesting with its contrasts as I’m going into an effortless phase. My “Can Do It All” super talented friend, Kendra Truett, and I had been talking about collaborating on a photo shoot together for the past months so we decided to turn it into reality. She knew exactly what she wanted: A 30’s-40’s era – Marlene Dietrich vibe. My new haircut would be perfect for it she said.

Kendra is not only a “Can Do It All” super talented lady but also an actor. What strikes me for having been involved with the same group of theatre friends for many years is how humble and discreet she is about what she does. More info:

We met at her studio, which we may as well call the Moulin Rouge or a treasure trove with all the perfectly organized cabaret costumes she owns and rents. Kendra strongly believes in capturing the inner strength of the subject she photographs. I kept joking that she captured “my sexy back” in a time I’m feeling less than that! It’s also a play on words because the gown I was wearing for the shoot had an open back. It makes me laugh. No?! Nevermind…

Note: We all know the deal about smoking… Remember the theme of the shoot is 30’s-40’s era. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Kendra Truett Photography

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