I’m extremely excited to have performed in 2 one act plays as part of Clairemont Act One Community Theatre. Check out Clairemont Community News article about it here.

Helder Balelo Photography

I auditioned for Clairemont Act One in September 2015 and was fortunate to be cast to perform in “Porcelain in Pink” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. My schedule had already a lot of conflicts at that time and  I just had finished performing in the play “The Supporting Cast” by George Furth directed by Kristen FOgle at Lamplighters Theatre. I had a few trips scheduled for my hosting gig with Visit The USA so I had to postpone that opportunity since rehearsals are very time consuming.

My amazing mother in law, Char Sivertson who is now part of Clairemont Act One cast me in “Cheating Death” and without realizing it I ended up being cast in 2 plays! That’s a trick of hers! I adore her! I accepted with pleasure. Both roles were complete opposites! What an opportunity!

Char Sivertson, my incredible mother in law and I after the last show of the 6th season.

I played Samantha Johnson a patient at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital whose dream is to save someone’s life because “it’d be a true moment of no regret”. Samantha is somehow stuck in childhood. She loves all her friends from the hospital; they are like family to her and they laugh a lot, they are really eccentric. She looks up to Anne, the wise know it all; she admires Bob for his inventive ideas; She adores Debb because she is always wishing something, they love to play together with Caramel & Pop Corn their fluffed animals; She is very protective of Steve whom she considers like her younger brother; She doesn’t really get Ron but she finds him entertaining to watch. Then comes Death who she finds cruel but somehow necessary because it’s part of life. She feels for him because he is actually very lonely.

Lucky me I also got to portray Desdemona in the play “The Real Problem” directed by Patrick Castenada while in a setting with the most renowned characters of Shakespeare. So funny!

The shows of the evening were:

  • Chocolate Affair by Stephanie Alison Walker directed by Jean Von Metzke: Can Mr. Goodbar and M&M challenge Beverly about her addiction?

    John Bode & Char Sivertson in Chocolate Affair directed by Jean Von Metzke.
  • Trapp Sisters written, directed and performed by Patrick Castenada
  • Cheating Death by Kamron Klitgaard directed by Char Sivertson : Can patients in a psychiatric hospital foil Death when he comes to call on one of them?

With my wonderful castmates: Tara Romanczyk; John Bode; Sammy Cantu; Jean Van Metzke; Jason Miller and Dezell Lathon.

  • The Real Problem by Bruce Kane directed by Patrick Castaneda: Can Juliet, Desdemona, Katherine and Anne Boleyn resolve their differences about men?


With my talented castmates: Catherine de Los Rios; Victoria Valenzuela; Danielle Billings; Tamara Nau.

  • 10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse by Don Zolidis directed by Catherine de Los Rios: Can we survive a zombie attack? It’s the end of the world and hordes of rampaging zombies are about to kill you. What do you do? Try your hand at kung fu against the undead? Attempt to reason with creatures that would rather eat brains than use them?


The nice thing with One Act Plays is that since I wasn’t performing all the time I got to enjoy the show too. My castmates were so committed. Loved watching them! The audience had good laughter!

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Thanks to all who came to support us – we hope you enjoyed the show! I surely had a grand time working with a bunch of talented folks and a sharp crew! Caroline


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