Passed Over will have you on the edge of your seat as two FBI agents search for missing fashion mogul Henrietta Hill.

**Please take note that the content is for a mature audience**

San Diego 48Hour Film Project

Passed Over by Ryan Kelly, a Fallen Light Media production, was part of the Best of screenings at the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project which has been wonderfully run for many years by Duane Trammell and Robyn Schatz Sarvis. The screenings were happening at Reading Cinemas Grossmont Center.

Ryan Kelly would describe it as a dream as our group got assigned Sci-fi or Detective Cop category. Here is what needed to be used as far as lines and props (to know more about the 48Hour Film Project steps please visit its website).

So here it is:

PROP: Surgical mask or dust mask
LINE: What’s wrong with you
CHARACTER: Henry or Henrietta Hill, millionaire 

Professionalism and Creativity

The shoot went very smoothly as the call time was at 10am and actors worked until 5pm. Everyone was in a great mood knowing what each person’s responsibility was. As we say a professional crew is a happy crew! It’s so nice when everything is planned as much as possible making sure that everyone’s time is valued and appreciated, especially on a 48Hour! I was impressed.

The idea behind this film was to make it “Birdman style”, so there are 8 hidden cuts in the film.

Here is a little behind the scenes as many people have been wondering how Ryan Kelly’s team did it! That’s what I’m talking about when it comes to creativity. What you need to know is that Ryan is a private investigator in life as well as a filmmaker and he and Jeanine his girlfriend are rock climbers so safety is key!

That’s the type of people I like to work with.

I’m very excited to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this film. Thankful for all the people I got to work with from my castmates to the talented makeup artist and the rest of the crew, including Hank the dog on set!

Thank you so much for a memorable time to : Craig Herdrich, Elizabeth Susan Green, Jessica & Sean King, Joy Stewart, Paul Brock, Shawn Reynard, Larry Gilson, Robert Nixon, Arvin Abadilla, Eric Brandle, Sarah Owings, Jeanine Reynard, Zoey Hendrix, and Ryan Kelly.

Team Fallen Light Media and action!


Makeup session with Zoey Hendrix. Team Fallen Light Media

Photos by Fallen Light Media Productions.

Vive le cinéma! Caroline


48Hour Film Project


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