In 13 days I’ll be 39 years old. I just went back to being a brunette and I’m getting ready for a beautiful role in a feature film shooting next month.

A lot has happened since last year. I’ve learned a lot and I guess it’s part of getting wiser and having no more expectations.

I realized the type of people I like to work with and the people I don’t. I constantly work on my craft and on being present, and I know I can realize my dreams. But I also know that the industry doesn’t need me and I’ve learned that it isn’t important because I love what I do. I love the creativity, taste and skills it requires to have a fantastic project come to life and the immense chance I get by playing multiple characters. What a rich life! I’m proud of myself for following through and listening to my dreams.

Being an actress has encouraged me to be fearless, spontaneous, to embrace and trust the unknown either through a role or through the people I meet. It makes every cell of my body engaged. Sometimes, at high speed, sometimes at low speed and sometimes it hits me later. It forces me to constantly honor myself and I’m thankful for that. What a gift! I’m alive and I experience it.

I’m proud to work with professionalism and to let my artist express itself. I’m excited because 10 years ago I would not have imagined doing the things I’ve been fortunate to do in my acting career.

I’ve been writing and hosting Culinary & Travel videos for Brand USA ; Producing my own series ; performing on film and stage ; doing a few regional magazine covers and music videos and I’m about to star in an amazing feature film that my talented husband wrote. He says I’m his muse. Lucky me!

I realize as we go that I couldn’t care less about “networking events”, but I really value classes, talented people and genuine meetings among creative minds that take action and are team players. More importantly, they are nice and respectful.

I haven’t figured out the Hollywood machine yet and I’m not sure I will but I take pride in doing quality projects that will someday touch peoples’ hearts and to know that the sky really is the limit.

Happy Birthday to me! I guess I can say I’m proud of myself.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.





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