Yeah! I signed up to audition for America’s got Talent and it was a learning experience!

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America’s got Talent is a show about giving opportunities to everyone. Since I figured nobody is going to put me out there better than myself; I said let’s go!

I decided to show up at 11.30am and had no idea on what to expect. I arrived, passed the security, signed in and gave my registration number/bar code that I had gotten by signing in online a week prior. I arrived to a full room of people rehearsing! It felt like a giant circus! I guess that’s the point. It’s entertaining. I met many people as the way chairs were placed encouraged dialog among the crowd.

I filled out my application while looking around as they were making television for sure! A giant crane with a camera, interviews, dance rehearsals were happening – it was fun. I was missing natural light though. It felt like being stuck at an airport but with a lot of fun around. My number was 1106942, that gives you an idea even if it certainly didn’t start at number #1. I met a lady who was trying for the 3rd time and had been waiting since 8.30am. I had no idea! Yet, I was very much laughing about being there. I should have left and come back because although I’m pretty good at using my time wisely (I had a script with me), my turn didn’t come until 7.30pm! So it was about keeping busy and I talked to the producers on duty there and told them that I was looking for exposure and any opportunity I’d get I’d appreciate it. Here I ended up giving an interview with KeySlayer who is a musicien and does an act of playing the piano in a energizing and rockn’roll way!



What is your talent: Acting (singing la Vie en Rose and an E.T. impression too though but it’s scary)

What is your biggest obstacles:

The lack of connections, opportunities and exposure to make it an international professional career. Do what you love and you’ll always be happy. That’s what I’m looking to accomplish. I of course concentrate on the work as after all it’s what I really enjoy doing. Thanks to the strong filmmakers that I’ve worked with and keep working with and friends that look after me.

Some would say my accent is an obstacle. Anyone around me loves it, including people I meet through my work travels in the USA and the students I visited at High Schools through being a public speaker. Casting Directors don’t always appreciate it though. I guess we go back to the subject of diversity. Anyway, I enjoy working on speaking with a sultry american standard accent. After all I’m American with multiple origins like everyone here. I heart this country!

Who is your biggest supporter:

My husband. He believes in me more than I do sometimes. For America’s got Talent, he told me : You don’t sing, there are professionals on that show. I said why not?! I can do a monologue! Actually, it’s for performers and I’m a performer! I’m in America and I’ve got talent ;p

What piece are you going to perform: A monologue from Orange is The New Black with a family audience version since America’s Got Talent is family oriented.

Here it is:

I could tell you a lot of things that would scare you but why bother? We’re all too tough, right? I know how easy it is to convince yourself you are something you’re not, I mean everyone can do that on the outside. We can keep ourselves so busy that we never have to face who we really are but we are weak. I”m like everyone else, I can’t get through this without somebody to love, is it because it numbs the pain or because I’m some evil love monster, I don’t know but what I do know, I was someone before I came in here with a life I chose for myself and now it’s just about going through the day without crying and I’m scared. I’m scared that I’m being myself in here and I’m scared that I’m not. Other people aren’t the scariest part of this competition, it’s coming face to face with who you really are because once you are being these walls there’s nowhere to run even if you could run, the truth catches up with you and it’s the truth that’s going to make you her bitch.

I later submitted a recording online of La Vie en Rose in English. Oh and the whole thing had to last only 90 seconds! We had some time to talk to a judge prior our performance. He asked a few questions such as tell us your age, something about yourself…And I ended up saying that I could do an E.T. impression and bang! I had to do it. Well, being ridiculous won’t hurt right?

I don’t expect so much out of it but appreciate the experience and hopefully the exposure. I know being an actress is/takes an entire life!

“Babe Ruth struck out more than anybody in the history of baseball the year he hit 60 home runs. Do you want to hit home runs? You’d better be willing to strike a lot”.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I hope someday actors will have a show like that on TV.

I’m grateful for all I get to experience! Thank you, Caroline

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