Trick or Treat?!

Here comes Halloween ! Where I grew up it wasn’t much of a holiday (although we have All Saints Day (La Toussaint) on November 1st) but the USA has its power and small and big kids do love candies! We got into the spirit and Matt became the creative mind behind it. The photoshoot took place in the peaceful Japanese Friendship Garden of BalboaPark, the Salk Institute and Blacks Beach. A huge Thank you to John Aviles for his makeup.

Here is a behind the scene that Matt filmed with John just for fun:


Meet my character Aya (Aya is also a Arabic feminine name written as آية meaning “sign”, “miracle”,or “verse.” Aya is also in use in the Hebrew language and means “to fly swiftly” or “bird”. In Old German, Aya means “sword”. In Urdu language the word Aya refers to women care taker or nurse for young children.), a geisha vampire wearing a silk kimono from Japan.

When I say Halloween Spirit, it is definitely in the air. I just sent an audition for the character of Ellen Hutter on tape for the upcoming feature Nosferatu. Even if they are probably looking for a recognizable face, it’s so much fun to get this opportunity since the audition had to be stylized! Loved it!

Beware, Aya might be hissing at you on the 31st!


IMG_4701 IMG_4700

Photography by Matt Sivertson

Matt and I boo

Selfie time after the shoot.

If you like sorcery here is a link to a scary trailer called Witches directed by Ty Mabrey that I was fortunate to film to promote Horror Imaginings Film Festival.


A photo on the set of Witches by Ty Mabrey. In the backrgound, an amazing sky made in California.

Fangs kiss ! Aya, I mean Caroline ;z

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