Today I resigned from one of the things I enjoyed the most, which is sharing my love for the arts with students at high schools. I’ve been getting so busy with my main focus which is acting and travel hosting/writing videos for Visit The USA that it just became impossible to keep my schedule open for public speaking during the school year since my schedule needs to be flexible to film and to go to auditions. I guess it’s a nice problem to have…

I really enjoyed representing the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and what it stands for during the past 3 and a half years. Especially, creativity! I’m amazed to see how many options the new generation has and to be able to bring what they learn to a success. Creativity is one of the keys !

Obstacles to Creativity: Fear of failure; Fear of criticism; Lack of confidence; State of mind/body (negative stress). The characteristics of a Creative Thinker being: Courage; Receptiveness; Flexibility; Being Observant; Seeking Connections.

One time at a high school after I gave a presentation, I was asked to sit on what is called the “Hot Seat” and answer 3 questions asked by the students themselves! 1) What is it like in Paris? 2) Who is my inspiration as a Designer? 3) If I could go back to being a Sophomore what is the best advice I could give to them or myself?

FIDM Public Speaking

Here are the answers : 1) I told them that I was born in Paris and grew up in Switzerland. I love Paris and believe there is no city that is more beautiful. There is art and artists everywhere you look. Bakeries, cafes, boutiques, fashion, elegance, museums, craft everywhere. Craftsmen there are very proud of what they do in whatever field they do it. Let’s not forget that French is the language of love too! 2) Coco Chanel for her courage at the time to break free from restrictions. I really like Chanel, YSL, Dior, Christian Lacroix, Badgley Mischka, La Coquine Couture and so many more. There are also many talented Designers from FIDM that I admire, one of them being Paul Hernandez. In general, my inspiration comes from art in all its forms, and my mood. 3) You are all unique and to believe in your talent and to work hard. Never let anyone shut down the light in you. I was also asked what was my most embarrassing moment – ahah! I guess, I’m still embarrassed!

VoguePublic Speaking FIDM classroom

The art of Fashion! Come on: Let’s Vogue!

Nick Verreos FIDM 3DOF

I was fortunate to assist Nick Verreos many times as he is a FIDM Instructor there as well as a renowned designer. Nick and his partner Paul are just awesome and very down to earth while being super creative. Also, a photo of the recent 3 Days of Fashion Event with some of the students and a few of their parents, we are visiting the factory of Hurley. So much fun!

Library FIDM

I could spend hours in the FIDM Library… What a treasure spot! Jesse Negrete, the librarian would be extremely helpful and share with me the latest trend books or pointing me at directions of books that contained the history of Couture.

Librarian FIDMPublic Speaking

A drawing of me from a student whose dream is to become a fashion designer.

FIDM note

FIDM note 2

Sweet notes I noticed on cards I collected from them after giving a presentation.

One day, I received from FIDM’s office about 150 thank you letters that a high school had sent after I went to give a presentation about The History of Modern American Dress (this presentation covers decades of history and fashion). I was so touched by such a gesture from the students and their teacher. Another day, a teacher wrote me a note to encourage me to join the education system and to become one of them! She was so inspiring. I loved meeting with everyone of them! They have a tough job and responsibility.

FIDM Toni Hohberg

With Toni Hohberg, FIDM Founder, we are holding Mode. It’s a magazine 100% created by FIDM students featuring the students and their work.

I will miss the students, my colleagues that I called “Soldiers of Fashion” and the inspiration they gave me! FIDM made me a better performer and the students taught me to keep my eyebrows on fleek.

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