Zero and I looking for troubles.

May 23rd was my birthday! I like to think about the little 6 year old Caroline who was blowing out the candles of her home made birthday cake while making a wish. I’m thankful for life, my husband, my family, my friends, my pets and my supporters!

The surprise for my birthday? The release of the 1st teaser of Zero: Dawn of The Darklighters by William Wall in which I have the lead female role of Celestine. Here is the link.

But Shhhh!!! I’m not allowed to say more for now as we are in pre-production! If you’d like to know more, become an investor or a sponsor in this beautiful sci-fi film please contact Halo Cinematic or if you feel like it please share the teaser with your friends and spread the words!

This teaser reminds me a lot of the Alps with all the snow! Not you?!

Big bisous, Caroline

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