When I discovered that I ran out of coffee, I decide to take a little stroll and head to the nearby Starbucks. A few steps from my building in West Hollywood I see two amazing blue eyes, and notice an older man sitting on the steps sipping a can of 7-Up soda. Obviously homeless, I asked him if he’d like a coffee? He said yes, with pleasure (and a lot of milk) and asked me if he had to come with me to get it. I told him no, I’ll be back.

I came back with a coffee, a protein box and coffee cake. Tom was his name and I asked where he was from and he said Illinois. I told him I was born in Paris and raised in Switzerland to which he replied, “every country has its thing.”

I walked away, wished him a good day and then returned to him and said you have amazing eyes.

On my way back from Starbucks there were 2 other homeless too, one with a dog.

I’ve had a hard time feeling ok living my golden life and walking by such poverty pretending that it isn’t right there in front of me. I like what I like but I wish I had the solution to address these issues.

Growing up in Switzerland we don’t realize how fortunate we are until we look out into the rest of the world. I know that in Switzerland we have poverty too, but it tends to be more hidden.

The coffee didn’t really change anything, but hopefully it made Tom’s a little better. I know that by giving to charities we can make a real difference.

Here is one that I like United Way

From a spoiled girl in West Hollywood to the world.

Thanks, Caroline

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