Sweet Home Alabama! When I was planning for my trip I spoke with my friend Elaine who was born and raised there. She told me about the legendary hospitality and delicious food! After hearing her stories I couldn’t wait to get to Alabama to experience it for myself. Check out the video !

Delightful Dining By The Water

One thing I was really happy to discover is that wherever we went in Alabama, the food was extremely fresh. I was amazed that I could choose from garden fresh green salads to organic meats to freshly caught seafood. I prefer to eat seafood only in locations by the sea, and in Alabama you’ll have a blast eating shellfish, fish, and gators. Wintzell’s Oyster House in Mobile was one of my favorite places for fresh seafood. They had so many varieties of oysters and delicious cocktails to wash them down. The shaded area on their outdoor porch was a great place to enjoy the meal.

Magical Montgomery Nightlife

In Montgomery we visited the Aviator Bar where I sipped on a delicious French martini prepared by our bartender Patreece. The environment was very social and fun: one of the other bartenders, Anna, happened to be a singer and songwriter. The bar itself is a step back in time with its retro aviation/fighter theme. You can either sit at the bar, which is in the shape of an airplane wing, or at a table surrounded by sandbags. Either way you’ll enjoy some great live music.


At The Aviator Bar in Downtown Montgomery.


The Alley in Downtown Montgomery.

Enjoying the Gulf Shores

In Gulf Shores we stopped by The Hangout, where the décor feels like a beach house and the seafood is deliciously fresh. I really liked the collection of Pez dispensers on the wall. The view over the soft white powdered sand and the deep blue sea is heavenly. As we got further into the evening we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the Flora-Bama, a very cool bar and music venue with three different stages over two floors. And yes, to top it all off, we even got to hear a live version of “Sweet Home Alabama” being played there!


Hanging loose at The Hangout in Gulfshores.


The Hangout at Gulfshores.

Mixing With the Locals in Mobile

In Mobile we visited the incredible Mobile Carnival Museum which featured incredibly intricate costumes, masks, and crowns. It was fantastic to learn about the history of Carnival in the South and its French roots.  They say there is even a ghost in the museum that likes to move around the crowns when nobody is looking.

To cap off the fun we visited the super fun night scene in Mobile! We met some local friends who were very kind to show us the fun of the town and introduce us to even more of their friends. I’m amazed at how easy it is to meet fun and creative people here!


What happens in Mobile stays in Mobile ;).

A Grand Diversity of Entertainment

There are so many fun things to see and do in Alabama when you visit. From the friendly people to the delicious food and exciting nightlife, I really enjoyed immersing myself in culture of this historic State.


At The Aviator with the bartender Patreece, and my fellow hosts from Brand USA/Discover America Monica Patel (UK) and Kathrin Kana (Germany).

When You Go

Nightlife and Restaurants

Aviator Bar

Wintzell’s Oyster House

The Hangout


For More Information:

Alabama’s Official Travel Guide

Travel Journal available in French here.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. More to come!

Thanks, Caroline

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