Since I came back from a trip shooting videos in the South in Alabama with Brand USA/Discover America (I’ll share the videos with you once they are ready), life has been busy getting back to normal.


Photography by Bogdan Zlatkov. Styling by Monica Patel.

The San Diego Film Consortium had its first meeting for an upcoming feature film called Zero that we’ll be starting its promotion during Comic Con 2014. William Wall’s short film Zero is so touching and won many categories in the last San Diego Film Awards, including Best Film. Afterwards the Film Consortium had the great idea to unite the San Diego film community around making a feature version. I’m really looking forward to contributing to this film. I’ll share more about Zero in another blog but here is the link to the short film version in the meantime and to the page of the San Diego Film Consortium if you’d like to be involved in the feature.


With handsome Zero the robot.


At the kick off meeting for Zero the feature film by William Wall. Here with a fun and talented group and Jodi Cilley founder of the San Diego Film Consortium.

I was fortunate to be working at the Disney Studios for some voice over work of an upcoming feature. It was so much fun! I’m lucky Helene Cardona, with whom I worked in the past, referred me for this job. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read her recent published book, she is a poet and she has a very touching book called Dreaming My Animal Selves both in English and French available here .


At the legendary Disney Studios

Mother nature has been interesting this month. I drove twice having alongside giant flames, once to go to a high school and another time driving from Los Angeles. Southern California has been so dry and had a series of tremendous wildfires.  It’s very scary to see how a wall of fire can spread so rapidly making the quality of the air a nightmare and destroying the wild life. Some places looked like a volcano. Many people had to evacuate their homes, including friends of ours. The firefighters were incredible as always and managed to keep the damage to a minimum.


First fire noticed on May 13th on my way to give a presentation at a high school one mile away from it.

Finally I started an improv class at the Finest City Improv. It’s such a fun group! As part of our class we had to do an improv performance on stage. It was scary but so fun! It coincided with my birthday! Forever young!


With my husband celebrating my birthday at the Little Door in West Hollywood.

Much love – Bisous, Caroline / @carolineamiguetsivertson

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