Photo Jonah Gilmore


Photo by A. L.

Listening to NPR (where news matters) and hearing that most of United States is under the snow or locked at home due to weather forecast alerts. And here I am in sunny Southern California with a drought alert and we are being asked to save water.


A few weeks ago my husband and I got to spend a long weekend in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, along with friends from Russia, Northern California and their adorable kids. This region normally has a carpet of snow at this time of the year but because of the drought the ski station had to make snow so people could actually enjoy the slopes.


With our friends, trying to take a serious group photo / Photo by A. L.

Getting out into the mountains felt great, since coming from Switzerland it is in my DNA not only to be in the mountains but to experience the seasons. As much as I love the sunshine and weather in Southern California I really enjoy some cold weather sometimes to reset. All of us stayed in a cabin (offered by our Russian friend’s company for their employees) in the middle of nowhere. We all had a blast taking turns cooking. One night the Russians 😉 made traditional Russian dumplings, teaching us along the way and of course pairing it with some delicious Russian vodka. We snowboarded, hiked, laughed, looked at the stars and relaxed. I love nature so much. It keeps me grounded and that’s where I find myself feeling the best. Being born in Paris, I also love and need what the city has to offer for its diverse culture, cafes, craftsman stores, boutiques, art, and fast pace.


Photo by Veronique Jaccoud

The highlight of the weekend were of course the kids with their outside the box thinking. My favorite kid quotes from the weekend:

“Do you care for some snow snack?” – Their made up term for eating snow off of the ground
“This is even awesomer than Disneyland!” – Reaction to an apparently awesome ski lesson.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – Please stay safe and warm!


Sandra Favero Photography

Much love – Bisous, Caroline / @carolineamiguetsivertson

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