imagePhoto by Justin Lee

Busy is good indeed! Since my last blog so many things have happened. The film Lucy, in which I play the mother of an autistic girl in 1939 France, was screened at the Chaplin Theater in Los Angeles as part of the selection of Short Films Long Night. This event is organized by Christophe Vauthey and his team at the Swiss Consulate in Los Angeles.

It was very well received and we had a blast seeing all of the great work being done by Swiss talents. It is wonderful to be able to share projects in which I acted with the Swiss community and beyond as Lucy keeps traveling the world! It also played recently at the Hollywood Film Festival.

imageLibby Blood and I at Short FIlm Long Night

I continued taking classes at the Hong Acting Workshop with April Hong and had to prepare several scenes as well as a monologue from a show that I very much like called Orange is the New Black (available on Netflix). I was heartbroken after having done this monologue as I had to pretend to cut my classmate’s face. “Seeing” her face full of blood made me feel and act like a monster. Hope I’ll get to put it into practice if I need to play a psychopath on screen some day.

imageAt Hong Acting Workshop with April Hong.

I auditioned for 2 plays and loved it! One of them was The Liar by Corneille adapted in English from Le menteur. Art is a universal language after all and that’s what I love about it! The Director asked me to bring up the sexiness of the character of Isabelle. I pulled my shirt down and my bra up and the animal in me kicked in. He needed to see that I could do it. I got great feedback, and although I didn’t get the part I know the time will come. I am still pretty new in the theater world and I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunities I’ve received. The job of the actor isn’t to go to an audition to get the job but it is to create a character and play this character when in the room. Our responsibility is to the character and everything beyond that is out of our control.

imageSilly in Hollywood

I kept busy shooting a few acting jobs including a new pilot called Front Seat Chronicles in which I got to play alongside Helene Cardona, who is also from Switzerland. You might recognize her face from the movie Chocolat. She is wonderful and it was a beautiful gift to have the chance to work with her. I’ll share the episode with you as soon as it is available.

imageOn set of Front Seat Chronicles with Helene Cardona; producer, Laurent Chardin-Rischmann, and awesome crew members.

I recently shot a video for the United Airlines club, so you might see my face when flying towards Southern California!

image“Leeloing” with my dog Leeloo by the Pacific Ocean.

Bisous, Caroline

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