I was fortunate to be a model for Operation Calendar. All the benefits from the sales of the calendar goes to injured marines and their families. Operation Calendar now under http://www.warriorfoundation.org.

Using only body paint and the occasional prop (a button here, a scarf there) — integrated so well into the finished “painting” that you’ll have to look closely to spot it — makeup artist Brian Bond has mastered the art illusion as he has brilliantly painted clothing onto 12 lovely ladies.

ìIt was my objective to have the women pose wearing body paint that truly fools the eye and manages to appear more modest than the clothing they are not actually wearing, said Bond. ìProps such as Swarovski crystals and sequins embellish the overall design and help complete the illusion. But you don’t mind looking closely for those additions now, do you?î

Photographed in picturesque San Diego, photographer Monique Feil, captured the models after sitting for hours while Bond and his team carefully decorated their bare skin with a makeup technique called layering. A combination of airbrush paint, chroma cakes, props and embellishments are used to create the appearance of clothing and lingerie. Each month features a different pin-up girl scene, including a waitress, a cheerleader, a construction worker, a warrior angel and a bikini bombshell.

Thanks to my friend, the creative person behind it Manuela Mezzadri. God bless the world and the United States of America!

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Monique Feil Photography

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