I really love taking time on vacation to walk around the different neighborhoods and get a feel for the city. In Miami, I couldn’t wait to see the colorful Art Deco architecture that Miami is so famous for. I learned there is a lot more to Miami neighborhoods than just Art Deco. I’m feeling extremely lucky to be a Travel Host for Brand USA / Discover America !

Here comes my article with Brand USA / Discover America about the Neighborhoods in Miami. See its video here

Legendary South Beach


South Beach is what you think of when you think of Miami’s beaches, and I loved spending time there.  The beach itself is beautiful and is a great spot to take advantage of the warm weather and have a relaxing beach vacation. I really loved South Pointe Park, which is right next to the beach and is a beautifully maintained green space where you can walk or relax.  South Beach is also home to some of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the city. The 90-minute Art Deco District Walking Tour will show you some of the more prominent examples and teach about the history of Art Deco architecture in Miami. In nearby Miami Beach, you’ll find a gorgeous European-style cobblestone road with exquisite lighting called Española Way. Lined with quaint boutiques by day and live music by night, Española Way just might remind you of your favorite little street in Paris.

Wynwood – Miami’s Vibrant Art District


Shadows while filming at Wynwood Art District. Bogdan Z Photography.

I think my favorite neighborhood was Wynwood, a wonderful urban neighborhood that has recently been revitalized as an art district. I really enjoyed stopping and talking with all the artists in the area. The Wynwood Walls is a great example of the public art here. These large colorful murals were created by some of the most famous street artists in the world and are fun, creative, and on display for all to see. On the second Saturday of each month Wynwood hosts the Wynwood Art Walk, a community event that brings out the art, food, and music of the district.

Sharing with permission the recording of the song of Eutimio Adolpho Diaz on the following link:

Historic Architecture in Coral Gables and Coconut Grove

Coral Gables, or “The City Beautiful” as it has come to be known, is an upscale neighborhood in Miami filled with luxurious mansions built in the Mediterranean Revival style and us adorned throughout with lush green parks and glistening fountains. Coral Gables is also home to some of the best shopping in Miami, making it a destination you’ll want to include on your visit. For a bit of history we went to explore West Coconut Grove, which is the oldest continuously habituated neighborhood in Miami. Many of the earliest settlers in West Coconut Grove were immigrants from the Bahamas, and the architecture reflects those roots. The thing that really struck me here were the trees.  Throughout the neighborhood there are amazing trees called hammock trees that provide a beautiful canopy over the neighborhood. Miami’s wide diversity is really captured by its various neighborhoods. With so many different districts to explore I could spend days just walking around Miami and taking the city in.



South Beach

Miami Beach



Coral Gables

Little Havana


West Coconut Grove



South Pointe Park

Española Way

Wynwood Art Walk

Wynwood Walls


Calle Ocho & Domino Park


Art Deco District Walking Tour

For More Information

Miami’s Official Travel Guide

Merci beaucoup! Caroline

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