One of the things I love about living here in America is getting to learn more about its culture. I’ve recently started writing and hosting tourism videos and articles in French for Brand USA – Discover America and I just returned from exotic Miami where I filmed some of them. Soon I’ll be leaving for Sweet Home Alabama to do the same and it is really a great opportunity for me to learn about different aspects of the American culture.

imageAt Petco stadium.

Baseball is my husband’s favorite sport so I can’t escape learning something about that. We met with friends at the amazing Petco Stadium in downtown San Diego where 42182 attendees gathered to watch the Padres defeat the Tigers . I love how in America fun involves food, especially at sporting events where it’s about junk food! So here I am enjoying some cotton candy that our friends’ kids kindly offered to me and sipping on my beer with my friend Elaine who is super funny and so kind to explain baseball to me again. I have a hard time getting it. Their daughter was very kind to make a drawing that sums up the rules of baseball! The sweetest thing! She made us another drawing as well.

imageGetting to understand Baseball.


Mrs. Caroline and Mr. Matt seen by our friend’s daughter – isn’t it adorable?! 😉

Back to the game where it opened with the Star Spangled Banner and everyone singing and having their hand on their heart.  It is very powerful and emotional. I became an American citizen last December and every time it gets me!

When there is a break in the game it’s about dancing your heart out to the music in the stadium. They chose Happy by Pharell and it was super fun to dance with our friends’ second grade daughter as the parents went to grab another run of food or take the youngest brother to the bathroom.

I really crack up when I see people’s face on the big screen. Once they discover they are being filmed and projected on the screen they automatically start behaving differently because they are being watched, usually having something to add to make it more interesting! So much fun! I can relate to it when I call my family in Europe and we all start seeing our faces on skype there is a big Ah! Followed by laughs! That is after we say do hear me? Do you see me? Etc…

imageIn South Beach, Miami with my partners in crime for the Miami adventures, Guido Furlani, host for the Italian market and Lucie Pohl, host for the German one. Photo by Diana McGaw.

I’ve been attending the Poolhouse Project with fellow actors and it’s been a delight to do some cold readings such as the play Words, Words, Words by David Ives and be Monkeys! I’ve also been busy recording voice overs and writing articles that I’ll share with you later about my Brand USA trip to Miami. I keep focused while enjoying life! Feeling lucky!!!

imageIn the Everglades with our amazing tour guide Dan and our Brand USA – Discover America team, Diana Gurley, Bogdan Z, Guido Furlani, Lucie Pohl, James McGaw and I.

Much love – Bisous, Caroline / @carolineamiguetsivertson

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