Tokyo! If you’ve seen Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola it’s pretty much how I felt. Tokyo is a city with more than 15 million people yet it’s quiet outside. it’s like being under a snow globe and never really touching the ground. I’m a westerner so this is my point of view of course and I’m sure a Japanese person would see our western world way differently too.

Tokyo is extremely clean (as clean as Switzerland). It’s pretty incredible considering the number of people that live in this town. Even the subway is extremely polished. I think the word mindfulness must have been invented there!

The food is top notch from sushi to pastries, in Japan they do it well or they don’t do it at all. The prices are high. What was extremely surprising for me was that to save room, many parts of the city are now on elevated platforms. It’s like the 5th Element!. I even got to see window cleaners from our hotel room and I think our room was on the 35th floor counting from the 3rd platform from the actual ground.


We enjoyed discovering all the quarters such Harajuku for its fashion, Ginza (the equivalent of 5th avenue in NYC), the various parks with the cherry blossoms, the brewery Yebisi, the Tokyo Tower, and a few museums. It was great seeing several paintings of Monet in such a setting, it’s delicacy for the heart and the soul. It’s you and the master.

IMG_3995          IMG_3935   IMG_3930

With the legendary statue of the dog Hashiko. Full story here.


Figuring out the subway system.

Kon'nichiwa from Tokyo                IMG_3992 IMG_4215 IMG_4417

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